Ed Bowie

Ed began his career as a geologist working in Tanzania’s Lake Victoria Goldfields before moving into corporate advisory and investment management services. Seeing the unharnessed potential in ASGM he has a strong interest in transferring his experience to this sector. He brings 20 years experience managing gold investment funds, advising gold companies and raising capital for gold mining projects. He was responsible for establishing and managing two listed investment funds focused on the gold sector with total assets under management of up to US$100m and has designed equity and loan packages, access to finance strategies and concluded over 200 due diligence research projects for gold mining of all operational sizes. Ed has an extensive network in the mining and resource investment community. Ed has also managed a number of grant schemes for start-up and technology businesses with an annual budget of £12 million and established a Proof of Concept fund. Ed holds an MA in Geology from Oxford and an MSc in Mineral Deposit Evaluation from the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, London.

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