Alexandra Lukamamba employee profile

Alexandra Lukamamba

Alexandra has experience working with stakeholders with all backgrounds. She gained experience in the DRC working with national NGOs such as Soeur Lève toi on girls’ school enrolment and education; and at the international level working with the African Centre for Constructive Conflict Resolution (ACCORD), and the NGO Committee on the Status of Women (NGO CSW) working on women’s rights at the United Nations in New York. She has also gained expertise in communications through her work as a consultant.

Having worked in the corporate world, it was essential for her to combine the two when she started at FCA: understanding the reality on the ground and working at the decision-making level. Both sides of the spectrum allow the full development and enhancement of the ASM sector by involving all stakeholders.

Alexandra holds a double master’s degree in International Development from Sciences Po Paris and in Leadership and Development from King’s College London.

“The ASM sector is often seen in a negative light, but at the FCA we are looking at improving the working conditions of the women washers and creuseurs who make their living from the cobalt sector. But it is also important to work with the government and all stakeholders to have a common vision. With a background in conflict management, public relations and communication, I contribute to the FCA’s public relations in the DRC.”