Augustine Wanjala Masiga employee profile

Augustine Wanjala Masiga

Based in Kisumu Kenya, Augustine primarily supports artisanal and small-scale gold miners in the improvement of their business skills to professionally run their mines. This includes providing support in building the capacities of mining organizations to improve their working conditions and offer alternatives to mercury use by the use of modern technology in gold processing.

Augustine has years of experience in social development, including working with gold mining communities on advocacy and socio-economic engagement on mining issues in Kenya. He is passionate about seeing the lives of the people in mining communities improved through their own homegrown mechanisms to resolve their challenges.

Augustine holds a Bsc in Laboratory Medicine from Kenyatta University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management from the Kenya Institute of management.

“While working with¬†artisanal and small-scale mining¬†organizations in Kenya, I have realized that they face many challenges, key among these being their limited access to efficient equipment that can help increase the productivity and efficiency of their work. Although some have succeeded in inventing homegrown solutions to their mining processes, these have not been able to resolve their challenges. The Impact Facility offers a solution by supporting the professionalisation of their businesses while offering investment in modern equipment through the lease-to-purchase model.”