David Finlay employee profile

David Finlay

David Armstrong is leading the Impact Facility’s gold supply chain and programmes work, based between London and Nairobi. David joins the Impact Facility from the world of certification , having led Fairtrade’s global work in mineral supply chains for several years. He has a deep-rooted understanding of the supply chain challenges facing downstream and midstream businesses interested in responsible mineral sourcing, and a corresponding suite of sourcing solutions and models which can be adapted, to suit commercial and supply chain contexts. David has in-depth experience of programme design, investor and donor relations management and has applied experience of upstream mine engagement, especially in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

“Through our industry leading lease-to-own scheme, we’re able to help mines improve their environmental footprint and economic performance-increasing the supply of responsibly mined minerals and forging a new path for impact investors and downstream businesses alike to drive change.”