Gloria M. Wambua employee profile

Gloria M. Wambua

Based in Nairobi-Kenya, Gloria is a seasoned Marketing and Communications professional with over 13 years’ experience. She has vast experience across digital marketing, value selling, brand building, advertising and promotions as well as setting strategic marketing communication plans in diverse industries within the East African Market.

She joins The Impact Facility to set the strategic tone on our Marketing & Communication efforts and develop frameworks and systems that enable achievement of our communication goals. She will oversee both internal facing and external communications that will generate greater visibility, consistent messaging and bolster our credibility.

She brings strategic expertise, communications competence, creative flair and a lot of enthusiasm to the role as it is her first foray into the donor funded, social impact landscape.

Gloria holds an MBA in Strategic Marketing from the USIU-Africa, an Expert Certification in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute in Ireland and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Administration.

“Africa is home to 30% of the world’s remaining mineral resources and after agriculture, ASM mining is the 2nd biggest employer in Africa. The Impact Facility has a unique approach that not only favours the environment but also empowers the mining communities which in turn benefits economies. I look forward to contributing to The Impact Facility through my role.”