Apply for investment as a mining community project

We are keen to meet with organisations that have a genuine desire to improve the way they work for the benefit of everyone in their community.

We build projects to empower mining communities

The Impact Facility supports a wide range of mining groups, service providers, mining community entrepreneurs and local NGOs – we work with groups of different sizes and at different levels of sustainability across the globe.
We build projects to empower mining communities

Our goal is to help your project:

  • Be more profitable.
  • Operate in a way that’s financially and legally accountable.
  • Commit to protecting the environment as much as possible.
  • Support your community by keeping people safe and healthy in the workplace and at home.

The Impact Facility takes a business-led approach in supporting you to achieve your vision of a responsible and productive business.

Seven Steps to Success

Step 1. Tell us about your project +

To decide if we are able to work with you, we need to know who you are, what you do and how you think we can help you.

Please download, complete and return these two documents :

⇓ Project Opportunity Note 

⇓ Mine Assessment Quick-Check

Please complete these documents accurately and honestly. We will expect to see evidence of you successfully running a business. For this reason, we do not invest in projects that are in the planning stages or in mining exploration. Ideally, potential projects are located in proximity to one of our local partner organisations.

The information you provide will be treated confidentially. Please email: if you need help completing the forms as incomplete applications may be rejected. Once we receive your final application, we will contact you within two weeks.

Step 2. We explain how we can help +

When reviewing your application, we will consider the minerals you mine or the product that you make, your location and, most importantly, the benefit that our team of experts can bring to your project and your community. We will likely offer support in one of three ways:

Option 1: We want to work with you.

If we decide that your vision and needs align with what we can offer and want to achieve, we accept your application and we will progress to Step 3.

Option 2: Introducing you to our partners

In cases where we cannot commit to working with you ourselves, but believe that one of our partners might be interested in your proposal, we will gladly put you in touch.

Option 3: Sharing our tools, approaches and insights

Even if we cannot get involved at this stage, we will be happy to give you feedback on your plan and share our tools and insights to help make sure your project is a success.

Step 3. We meet +

We will start our business partnership by conducting a site visit to your mine to do an in depth assessment of your working practices and environmental impact. Site visits cost time and money but are vital to help us fully understand your project and how we can help.

During our visit we will also discuss with you what equipment is most urgently needed. This meeting is significant as it represents an opportunity for us to build trust as partners. At this business meeting, we will establish priorities and decide what improvements you need to show to receive a first investment.

Following this meeting, we will produce two important documents :

Continuous Improvement Plan : This is your commitment to making specified business and environmental improvements within an agreed timeframe. The Continuous Improvement Plan will be reviewed and updated twice a year.

Service Access Notes : Having captured all relevant information about your organisation, how you operate and what you need, we will compile an investment profile for your project. We share this profile with potential investors to secure funding.

Step 4. We secure investment capital +

Next we send the Service Access Notes document to our network of investors and partners to see if they can finance the equipment you need. As our investors share our vision for social change they expect only a small return on their investment and charge interest below market rate.

Although your project will be treated as a high priority, securing appropriate funding might take months. While we are talking to our investors, we expect your mine to begin the improvements we agreed in your Continuous Improvement Plan. We ask that you send us regular updates, so that we can prove to investors that you are a reliable business partner. During this time, you will receive training and support from us to run your business more efficiently.

Once investment capital is secured, we will confirm with you that your needs have not changed. This is your opportunity to tell us about any changes to the scope of your project.

Step 5. We order your equipment +

When purchasing your equipment, we source high-quality machinery that will last longer and break less often. Please note that equipment might take weeks or months to be delivered to you, especially if it is not available locally. During this time we will update you regularly.

When the equipment arrives at your site, we will help to install it and train your staff to operate it correctly and maintain it in good working order.

Step 6. You repay our investment +

You commit to pay back the full cost of the equipment, plus interest, in monthly instalments. Repayments usually start after a grace period of two months. Once the cost has been paid off in full, you will officially be the owner of the equipment. This is called a lease-to-purchase agreement.

Until your final payment, we will continue to monitor your production practices and provide you with the training and support you need to keep improving your operation. Throughout this process, you will need to demonstrate that you are making the improvements that you committed to in your Continuous Improvement Plan. This plan will be reviewed every six months.

Step 7. We offer you further investment +

As long as you keep making your monthly payments on time, our trust in you will increase gradually and we may be able to  offer you the opportunity to receive more equipment under the same terms.

Ready to get Started?

Please download and complete these documents and then return them via email to

We can help you find fair markets for the minerals you produce

Many of the mines we work with hope to get a better price for their minerals. While we do not buy any gold, cobalt or gemstones ourselves, we can explore ways of connecting you directly with companies in Europe and North America that are interested in buying responsibly-produced minerals. Entering a supplier relationship with one of these companies also might help us to secure investment for the equipment you need.