Convening Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

Creating powerful partnerships between businesses and organisations to maximise positive impact and holistically tackle multi-dimensional issues around artisanal and small-scale mining.

The Challenge
The Challenge

Many of the obstacles faced by mines and by companies trying to source materials responsibly are deeply rooted in structural injustices that require a fully-rounded and systematic approach to achieve long-term change.

Organisational collaboration, though desirable, can be difficult. While goals might seem to be aligned, approaches can differ. Being inclusive often comes at the cost of making real progress, and varying levels of financial commitment often make constructive discussions challenging.

Our Approach
Our Approach

As a convener, The Impact Facility takes on the vital role of bringing organisations together harmoniously – understanding underlying drivers and ambitions, translating social aspirations into economic realities, and setting reasonable expectations – as we launch coordinated missions that effect positive change in mining communities.

How we create powerful multi-stakeholder partnerships
How we create powerful multi-stakeholder partnerships

Our local knowledge combined with global business acumen means we are able to:

  • Connect downstream companies that source from the same region and share the same responsible sourcing goals
  • Align partners across different geographical regions and with different business priorities
  • Create coalitions between NGOs, government agencies and for-profit businesses based on a joint vision and holistic theory of change
  • Maximise impact by avoiding duplication of effort and competition for resources
  • Use defined benchmarks to measure project and partnership success
  • Ensure long-term project sustainability beyond the set-up phase
  • Drive joint partner marketing strategies and ensure that recognition and results are shared equitably
We can connect you to companies that share your goals and your wish to bring development opportunities to artisanal mines. Contact us to find out more and help us turn mineral wealth into prosperity for mining communities.


If you’re not ready to join our network of partnerships but are still keen to support the cause, find out how you can engage with us to benefit vulnerable mining communities.