Development Grants

Channelling grants and donations to projects and efforts designed to empower members of artisanal mining communities.

The Challenge
The Challenge

Establishing and scaling business-led solutions that are economically self-sustaining for artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) communities depends on a steady stream of grant financing. We need funds to scope and set up new projects, research and innovate solutions to systemic problems, and share our learnings and expertise with partner organisations.

Our Approach
Our Approach

By carefully matching individual donors, institutional donors and companies with defined corporate social responsibility goals to vulnerable ASM communities, we are able to more effectively channel philanthropic efforts into projects that promote lasting social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Development Grants
Development Grants

How we successfully channel development grants to ASM communities:

  • Identify and investigate potential opportunities for donors
  • Forge direct relationships between donors and mining communities
    Innovate development solutions
  • Seek to establish viable projects
  • Channel funds to appropriate existing projects
  • Work directly with mining communities to better understand local priorities
  • Organise charitable giving campaigns around issues such as gender inequality, child labour, environmental degradation and access to clean water
  • Manage grant financing to maximise donation value
  • Achieving lasting impact beyond the life of grant funding by leveraging blended finance

We are currently seeking investment from institutional donors to enable us to scale our efforts across commodities and geographies.

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