Impact Investment

High impact investment opportunities that help mining communities formalise, mechanise and build viable small businesses, while meeting vital environmental and health and safety goals.

The Challenge
The Challenge

Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) is by many seen as the antithesis to development. Official statistics estimate that 280 million men and women work directly or indirectly in the sector. Yet reported environmental degradation, child labour and appalling working conditions along with ties to international conflict, money laundering and corruption overshadow the potential value of mining communities as a driver for development and as a catalyst for prosperity.

Our Approach
Our Approach

The communities we engage with are often overlooked by traditional financial institutions, and are forced to rely on informal finance on often unfavourable terms. To counter this, we work with the mines to boost productivity and profitability. As their partner, we ask for measurable and time bound improvements to social and environmental conditions on the ground in return for access to finance.

On a wider scale, this strategy results in reduced environmental harm, dignified working conditions, and traceable supply of high value commodities to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding market which seeks responsibly mined materials.

How we add value to Impact Investment in ASM Communities
How we add value to Impact Investment in ASM Communities

We use individual, corporate and institutional investment to make a difference by:

  • Innovating business-led approaches to bringing prosperity to artisanal mining communities
  • Developing practical solutions that are tailored to the needs of mines and mine employees
  • Leasing modern mining equipment to mines on affordable terms to promote increased productivity, enhanced profit and improved health and safety
  • Servicing and maintaining mining equipment to promote long-term use
  • Training miners to use mining equipment effectively
  • Offering mining communities loans on reasonable terms
Be a first mover in this space by providing asset financing investments that allow mining communities to take steps towards formalisation and mechanisation through economically viable and non-hazardous ore processing alternatives. Contact us to find out more and help us turn mineral wealth into prosperity for mining communities.


If impact investing isn’t right for you, learn about our development grant solutions that can empower artisanal mining communities, and our multi-stakeholder partnerships that bring companies and organisations together with a common goal.