Value Chain Development

How we create supply chains that benefit both upstream and downstream entities.

The Challenge
The Challenge

The statistics around artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) are staggering. More than 40 different minerals are found in a smartphone and 200 types of gemstones are used in jewellery. Artisanal mines supply 80% of the world’s sapphires and 20% of its gold, diamonds and cobalt.

Significant quantities of gemstones, diamonds, cobalt and gold originate from usually untraceable ASM operations. Given the complexity of global supply chains that stretch across supplier tiers and geographies, it is difficult to ensure that the miners have been rewarded appropriately and that working conditions meet the expectations of brands and consumers.

Our Approach
Our Approach

We work directly with mines, so we can channel traceable and verified responsibly-produced minerals into global supply chains. We can also navigate legal and voluntary standards, identify mines that meet quality and social expectations, and connect your business with appropriate operations.

We have relationships with more than three dozen artisanal and small-scale mines across the world. Access to this network coupled with our expert knowledge of international best practices and due diligence requirements means that we are perfectly placed to help your business make the greatest social, economic and environmental impact while meeting your own responsible sourcing goals.

Supply Chain
Supply Chain

We use our extensive experience in creating sustainable supply chains to:

  • Identify responsible sourcing opportunities that are aligned with your company’s core brand and investment goals
  • Connect you with our network of technical experts for successful supply chain implementation and capacity development on the ground
  • Help channel capacity-building funds appropriately to support operators and meet your company’s needs and expectations
  • Manage the logistics of exporting raw material traceably using state-of-the-art technologies and approaches
  • Provide ongoing monitoring in line with OECD Due Diligence Guidance
  • Assess mines against specific voluntary standards.
  • Supply you with the evidenced-based data that allows you to make credible marketing claims around responsible sourcing

Do you know where the minerals and gemstones in your supply chain come from?

We can help you ensure that your product’s value chain creates real value for everyone involved. Contact us to find out more and help us turn mineral wealth into prosperity for mining communities.


If you’re not ready to start sourcing but are still keen to support the cause, find out how you can engage with us to benefit vulnerable mining communities.