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Empowering artisanal mining communities

Our investment-led approach can turn mineral wealth into community prosperity.

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Leverage our investment expertise and make a real difference to mining communities.

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Interested in being a donor or investor? We’ll help you get your resources to where need is greatest.

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How we are building responsible supply chains

We connect companies to artisanal mines that are committed to higher standards and best practices.

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Working directly with mining projects

We offer capacity-building support and access to finance to mines that want to grow and succeed.

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What We Stand for

The Impact Facility is a global sustainability organisation that seeks to bring economic and environmental empowerment to artisanal and small-scale mining communities.

Our mission & approach

Artisanal mining and the potential for change

Artisanal mining is the second biggest employer in the developing world, directly employing over 40 million people. Yet 80% of artisanal miners live in poverty.

We believe that change is possible.

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Four ways to make a Difference

With your help, we can realise the full potential of artisanal and small-scale mining and turn mineral wealth into prosperity for mining communities.

How we are making an impact

with your help

We’re proud to have two of our leadership team listed in The Top 100 Corporate Social Responsibility Influence Leaders.

A Top 100 Corporate Social Responsibility Influence Leader embodies CSR, and uses their influence to help others establish or improve their CSR programs. Their efforts contribute to more ethical global supply chains, helping individuals and companies make a positive difference.

Congratulations to Assheton Carter and David Sturmes.