Let’s invest in the flow of responsibly mined minerals

Enabling an inclusive and just green energy transition

As we enter a new minerals age, the role of gold , cobalt and other mined minerals are becoming increasingly important for a wide range of technology and green energy products.

The Impact Facility is a UK-registered social enterprise and impact investment vehicle established in the context of growing downstream demand for responsible minerals and the persistent environmental and economic challenges facing small-scale mining businesses.

What We Stand for

The Impact Facility is a global sustainability organisation that seeks to bring economic and environmental empowerment to artisanal and small-scale mining communities.

Our mission & approach

Incubating small-scale mines to unleash their full potential

We focus on connecting mining communities with:

Technical experts

To accelerate continuous ESG improvements and business literacy, mine operators are supported by our network of in-house and external project finance, mining, and environmental experts.

Downstream demand

Minerals originating from our partner mines are marketed as ESG-assured status and channeled into global supply chains.


For small-scale mine operators from impact investors that is managed by our team and allocated to modern technology and equipment.

Current portfolio

Our current footprint includes partnerships with small-scale gold LV2030 (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) and cobalt FCA (DRC) mines.

We currently have 12 active investments in gold mines through our lease-to-purchase scheme, with a pipeline of 20+mine sites screened for partnership in 2023. By 2025 we aim to have ~100 active partnerships with African mines, with a total investment value in excess of $5m.

We are founding members of the FCA; a multi-stakeholder action platform enabling responsible artisanal mining in the cobalt sector. We currently work with a large cobalt mine in the DRC, employing over 5,000 workers and miners. We aim to scale to 3 x mines by the early of 2024 and 5 x mines by the end of 2025, driving ESG improvements with a total investment value of $5m.

Since our first engagement with The Impact Facility we were taken seriously in our ambition to professionalize our gold mining business. Within a few months, we started leasing equipment, and were challenged and supported by TIF’s team to mine in a more responsible manner; minimizing our environmental footprint. We look forward to deepening our engagement – exploring additional modern technologies which allow us to mine profitably and responsibly.”

Lawrence Ndago, CEO of Multiflow Ltd, small-scale mining company in Migori, Kenya

We’re proud to have two of our leadership team listed in The Top 100 Corporate Social Responsibility Influence Leaders.

A Top 100 Corporate Social Responsibility Influence Leader embodies CSR, and uses their influence to help others establish or improve their CSR programs. Their efforts contribute to more ethical global supply chains, helping individuals and companies make a positive difference.

Congratulations to Assheton Carter and David Sturmes.