Developing scalable and replicable, blended-finance solutions

Lake Victoria 2030 comprises the totality of The Impact Facility’s work across Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. The focus on LV 2030 is initially on small-scale gold mines, with the potential to scale to other mineral categories over time. LV 2030 is currently moving from “proof of concept” to “scale”; seeking to facilitate investments into over 100 small-scale mining businesses. LV2030 is currently financed through a range of private grants from the EPRM, Dutch Government and private-trusts, including GCT.

Equipment Investments into ASGM

Investments in higher productivity and more efficient processing technology are key to unlocking the economic potential of AMPs. Most mines that receive external investment do so under often questionable terms. Offering miners transparent and market-rate-based financing options, The Impact Facility aims to retain more value with the AMPs and enable machine ownership over time.

The eligibility for investments is determined based on an AMPs ESG performance, incentivising continuous improvement in order to unlock additional investments. The terms of our Lease-to-Purchase agreements have been designed to accommodate the realities on the ground, boasting grace periods, market-rate interest rates, and optional payment breaks to ensure that AMPs successfully pay off their leases and attain ownership over the machines.

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