Our Project Partners

We believe that the greatest impact to artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) communities will be achieved by pooling resources. Our partnership network enables operational efficiencies, cross-industry learning, and the flow of resources and capital to mining communities.

Partner Organisations

Founded in 2013 as a social enterprise,  Fairphone is a Dutch electronics manufacturer based in Amsterdam that designs and produces smartphones intending to have a lower environmental footprint and better social impact than is expected in the industry.

Having created the world’s most sustainable smartphone that cares for people and the planet, Fairphone has a solid commitment to responsible material sourcing and advocating for the welfare of the individuals engaged in mineral extraction, hence their role in co-founding The Impact Facility.

Having created the world’s most sustainable smartphone that cares for people and the planet, Fairphone has a solid commitment to responsible material sourcing and advocating for the welfare of the individuals engaged in mineral extraction, hence their role in co-founding The Impact Facility.

TDi Sustainability is a global consultancy that helps businesses the world over to be more sustainable.

Along the length and breadth of the supply chain, from artisanal mine to multinational corporation, we use our expertise to build responsible supply chains that work for people, for business and for the planet. Our in-depth understanding of sectors and corresponding regulation is recognised as industry-leading.

From detailed auditing and research to strategic planning, our services result in a positive social, economic and environmental impact on upstream communities. Our small team of specialist practitioners brings a wealth of experience and local knowledge. Whether boots on the ground or suits in the boardroom, TDi is a valuable partner for customers who embrace the need to empower and communicate responsible sourcing.

Solidaridad is an international network of organisations driven by the mission of a sustainable, inclusive economy. Solidaridad Africa is the coordinator for all projects in the continent of Africa.

Founded in 1969, it promotes socially responsible and environmentally conscious transparent supply chains. With regional operations coordinating efforts in East and Central Africa, West Africa, and Southern Africa, Solidaridad Africa focuses on the agricultural and extractive industries  to push the agenda of sustainability and a bio-based economy. In collaboration with the Impact Facility and many other investors, Solidaridad Africa is helping pilot initiatives in mines around the Lake Victoria region of East Africa.

Stephen Kithuka – head of programmes at Solidaridad Eastern and Central Africa.

“The Impact Facility is gradually assisting mining groups to realise continuous improvement through their unique ESG approach. If asked to comment about their work we’d say, “The Impact Facility is a one stop shop for artisanal gold miners. With the help of the Impact Facility, miners can shine in a way they can’t shine anywhere else. It’s doing for miners what others have failed to do”.

The Foundation for ASM Development (FADev) is an independent non-governmental organisation established to catalyse multi-stakeholder collaboration and knowledge sharing in the United Republic of Tanzania.

FADev aims to promote a formal and legal artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) sector and ensure that all ASM activities are environmentally and socially responsible. Its mission is to serve as a centre of knowledge, dialogue, communication, partnership and execution to align this impoverished and vulnerable sector with national priorities and sustainable development agendas.

Professor Idris Kikula, chairperson, Mining Commission, United Republic of Tanzania

“There is a great need for an organisation like FADev in Tanzania at this point in time when we have a government that is keen to improve the artisanal and small-scale sector. The government cannot implement all these great plans on its own. Let us forge forces together and make a truly vibrant and exemplary ASM sector in Tanzania!”

Peer Ledger was founded in 2016 with a clear purpose: Use cutting edge blockchain technology to help companies collaborate to protect human rights, improve environmental performance and significantly reduce key risks, such as counterfeiting and safety, in their supply chains.

We do this by using our innovative blockchain platform to provide one consistent view of data to permissioned organizations in value chains, certify the conduct of organizations, make transparent the provenance and protocols used in producing materials, securely document, immediately cross-check, and track and trace materials, components and products from their source, all the way to the customer.

Development Gold exists to create a viable and inclusive mining economy in Africa by linking responsible, small-scale gold producers with international markets.

It is formed by and comprises commercial and not-for-profit enterprises all of which are driven by the mission to demonstrate mining as a core, catalytic and responsible sector in sustainable mineral economies. The initiative will result in more resilient and sustainable mining communities, transparent and traceable supply chains, and supply-chain assurance for the off-takers of responsibly produced gold. It will also demonstrate the ability of mining nations to show that gold recovery is a positive driver of sustainable development.

Max Afriyie-Barwuah, Chief Executive, Development Gold International CIC

‘’The small scale-mining sector is responsible for approximately 35% of Ghana’s gold production and supports millions of livelihoods. The Government has recently embarked on a comprehensive programme to reform the sector in line with the SDG’s. We have embraced The Impact Facility and their investment led model as it enables us to adopt a holistic approach towards sustainable mineral development. Formalisation of mining co-operatives, alongside their technical capacity development and institutional strengthening are also key features of Development Gold. Our partnership will enable participating mines to optimise their productivity and facilitate routes to market for responsible gold from sub-Saharan Africa.’’