Andrew Moore

Born in Northern Ireland but based in Kenya, Andrew primarily works in project support for projects with artisanal and small-scale gold mining in East Africa. Here, The Impact Facility aims to build the capacities of mining organisations to access the formal gold market, as well as improving working conditions and reducing the amount of mercury used in processing.

Andrew has years of experience in the humanitarian and development sector in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and with the Dutch Red Cross, working in various areas including livelihoods enablement, re-purposing materials, disaster relief and human migration. Combining an analytical mindset with experience in project implementation, Andrew is passionate about bridging the gap between well-designed technical products and affecting the reality on the ground. Additionally, Andrew sees inclusive development as the most important factor to consider when working with any partner trying to create positive social impact.

Andrew holds an MSc in physics from Durham University, England and an MSc in environment and resource management from the Free University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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