Antoine Kasongo employee profile

Antoine Kasongo

With more than 30 years of experience in the management, design and implementation of development and humanitarian projects involving the rehabilitation of schools, health centres, hospitals, education, water and sanitation, sustainable livelihoods, economic justice, HIV/AIDS, micro hydroelectricity rehabilitation, food security, protection, education in emergencies.

Antoine has worked in Brazzaville and the DRC as an Engineer and Manager – working for entities such as Itenco Marbreza, Office des Voiries et Drainage, SANRU, Church of Christ in Congo, INBTP, OXFAM UK, Christian Aid, Canadian Cooperation (PSAT) before joining Fair Cobalt Alliance.

Antoine holds a Masters in Management, Humanitarian Aid, and Health Management, as well as a degree in Civil Engineering.

“Drawing on the experience I have accumulated in previous work, I want to strengthen the future of artisanal mining in Congo for economic justice in the cobalt supply chain by working to improve working conditions in artisanal mining sites,  through hygiene & sanitation, as well as safety, remediation of child labour so that the workers in the sector benefit more from their work.”