Barbara Visser employee profile

Barbara Visser

Barbara Visser, an experienced executive in public-private partnerships and blended finance funds, is currently the Chief Operating Officer of IDH Investment Management/IDH Farmfit Fund. She played a pivotal role in developing IDH as a front-runner in public-private partnerships since its early inception in 2008. She was part of the founding team of the IDH Farmfit Fund, an EUR 100 mill de-risking blended finance fund that has the objective to demonstrate the viability of sustainable farmer financing by catalysing local and international co-investors through the strategic use of high-risk instruments, such as junior debt, mezzanine finance and equity.

Her expertise extends to the intricacies of blended finance funds, building impact-driven frameworks on M&E and learning, environmental and social risk management, and establishing internal control and compliance frameworks, both financial and operational. As the COO, Barbara holds a leadership position, overseeing and spearheading these areas of expertise.