Freddy Mwamba employee profile

Freddy Mwamba

Based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Freddy Mwamba is responsible for occupational and environmental health and safety in the Impact Facility field programme, enabling artisanal mines to improve productivity through better risk management practices and greater respect for workers’ health and safety.

Being born in the DRC, Freddy’s local knowledge is essential to our work. His overall role is to implement an occupational health and safety culture for artisanal miners in local mines. This includes training of miners, cooperatives and the provision of adequate personal protective equipment and awareness-raising through regular safety meetings (Toolbox topics). This is a role that corresponds to its long-standing need to improve artisanal mining practices.

His first experience with industrial operations was in copper and cobalt production. In his work, he applies his knowledge, expertise and problem-solving skills in occupational health and safety and the environment to all aspects of artisanal mining. Mine safety is an area of particular interest, and Freddy has undergone extensive training in occupational safety and health (Samtrac). He also manages the environmental aspect at the mine sites both during exploitation and after mining activities have been completed.

He describes his new experience as the intersection between the industrial and artisanal environment and a new challenge in his professional career, he says, “safety is everyone’s business.”

Freddy holds a Diploma in Management Computer Science from the University of Kinshasa Binza, DRC.

“I joined the FCA team to bring my know-how and experience acquired in the industrial sector to help clean up the artisanal mining environment. In collaboration with our partners and artisanal miners, we are improving working conditions, identifying hazards and managing risks with the goal of reaching zero accidents within our cooperatives.”