Gustav Dahlqvist employee profile

Gustav Dahlqvist

Gustav Dahlqvist is a Master of Science (MSc) Student in International Development & Management at Lund University. He is currently undertaking an internship at the Impact Facility, supporting the work streams of both cobalt and gold. He will be based in Nairobi, working with TIF and the FCA until February 2023.

In his early studies, Gustav acquired a passionate interest in extractivism and natural resource management. His research has been centered on complex dynamics of formalisation schemes in the ASM sector, tied with a specific focus on ASM’s essential role and potential in rural development and livelihood diversification strategies. As a student of social science, Gustav’s particular attentiveness to equitable social and environmental conditions of artisanal miners in the context of green energy transitions is of especially pressing importance.

Gustav joined the Impact Facility with the conviction that a social enterprise model to institute responsible sourcing practices for ASM is a distinctive and highly relevant approach in the work of concretising long-lasting sustainable development in the ASM sector.

“As a student of international development and management, it is easy to become perplexed about the vast challenges facing the installation of responsible practices across mineral supply chains. To me, a major reason for joining the Impact Facility was its inexhaustible focus on local ownership, and the guarantee of a model that adds values to mining communities. In the context of a comprehensive transition from fossil fuels to mineral-based energy technology – I cannot think of a more crucial set of values.”