Natasha Nzingo employee profile

Natasha Nzingo

Based between Nairobi and Kisumu, Natasha is a junior Mining Engineer focusing onminer engagement and assessments to verify eligibility for mine investments gearedtowards increasing efficiency and profitability.Natasha also works to improve the capacity of mine health and safety through training,with a particular focus on raising awareness of mercury and showcasing alternativetechnologies to gold processing. She is one of the first contact points for miners at TheImpact Facility. Here, she works closely with the lead mining engineer to identify andliaise with local equipment suppliers to provide cost-effective investments to our clients.Natasha also supports the development of tools and processes to support thecontinuous improvement of AMPs onboarded towards TIFs and the downstream Industrybest practices.Natasha holds a Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering degree from JomoKenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

“One of the best field experiences I have had is witnessing the inexpressible excitementof Artisanal Mineral Producers after receiving their desired equipment. It’s truly life-changing! It shows first-hand the importance and significance of The Impact Facility’swork through the lease-to-purchase model and serves as an inspiration on the journey ofprofessionalizing the ASM sector.”