Stacy Hope employee profile

Stacy Hope

Stacy has more than 14 years’ experience working as an International Development Specialist and Strategic Advisor on areas surrounding gender, natural resources, renewable energy, social impact investment, disaster risks and climate resilience, and large national and international infrastructure development projects across the commercial, public and multilateral sectors. Stacy currently serves as a full-time partner at Environmental Resources Management (ERM) and separately provides consulting and advisory services to various United Nations agencies, sits on the advisory boards of the UTU Social Impact Investment Fund, DRC-focussed Social Impact Investment Fund, Jamii, and Actions for the Development of Africa where she focusses on the interface between large-scale mining investments and gender transformative community development aligned to the UN SDGs and ESG standards. She is also advisor on a geothermal energy project in Turkey, and is the former ESG Director at Africa-focussed strategic advisory firm, Africa Matters Limited.

Stacy is also the MD and Executive Director of Women in Mining UK.