Yves Kasongo employee profile

Yves Kasongo

Yves became an expert in artisanal mining thanks to SAEMAPE (Artisanal Mining Assistance and Management Service), a state service established in 2010 with financial and administrative autonomy.

Yves was posted as Technical and Operations Officer in Tanganyika, Kalemie with the three territories of Kalemie, Moba and Nyunzu under his supervision. His main role was to control production, which included managing production monitoring at the mining sites; tracking the evacuation of minerals from mining sites to the trading posts; monitoring which wells were being drilled, which were in production and which were affected and to maintain an overview of the artisanal miners at each site. He was represented at the mining sites by the main technical supervisors who were under his responsibility and reported to him. Furthermore, in April 2011, he took part in the implementation of the ITSCI traceability system, which is a labelling traceability system based on the CTC. As part of the activities involved with the ITSCI system, he participated in several training courses on the traceability of 3T minerals.

In 2013 he consulted in the International Peace and Information Service (IPIS) project in the context of mapping and in 2014 was a member of the joint team for the qualification and validation of 3T mining sites. In the same year he took part in the participatory research with the mining communities of Busanga, in Kolwezi with TETRA TECH. In 2015 he was appointed as the Traceability Officer for all mining products at the SAEMAPE Kalemie Provincial Directorate and then transferred to the Haut Katanga Provincial Directorate in Lubumbashi.

Yves is an engineer in industrial electronics from the ESI university of Lubumbashi.

“Working with artisanal miners is my passion. At roughly 20% of production, artisanal mining is a key economic resource of DR Congo, however, without proper risk management disaster the consequences could be dire. As experts in the sector, we are happy to provide technical guidance on how to avoid mining accidents such as landslides, rockfall and subsidence. With the Fair Cobalt Alliance, the formalisation of artisanal mining is guaranteed.”