Join the Fair Cobalt Alliance (FCA)

At the Fair Cobalt Alliance, we believe that the problems characterising the Congolese ASM cobalt sector today are not the responsibility of one sector alone or any one individual company.
It will take a system-wide change.

Only by joining forces throughout the cobalt supply chain, can we address and reverse these complex negative social and environmental impacts. Therefore, functioning as an action platform for organisations, the Fair Cobalt Alliance aims to grow in scale and expand over time!

Your organisation becoming a supporter of, a member or a partner of the Fair Cobalt Alliance would help us out tremendously to implement our ambitious plans!

Even though a lot of work has already been done in defining a shared vision and setting up our extensive programme to improve the conditions in several cobalt mine sites throughout the DRC over the coming five years, our biggest challenges lie ahead of us. Your financial or in-kind contribution would be greatly appreciated and allows us to increase the programme’s impact beyond our current footprint towards responsible ASM Cobalt.

We understand that in light of the global pandemic, many organisations might not be able to allocate resources to make significant financial or in-kind contributions at this point. Yet, by becoming a signatory, your organisation could also help out considerably and express its support to the Fair Cobalt Alliance, promote its goals and more broadly recognise the legitimacy of cobalt from responsible ASM operations.

If you are interested and want to learn more about the Alliance, our approach and how you can help, please reach out to us on We look forward to a call with your team to discuss possibilities.

We are Hiring – Programme Support & Communications Coordinator

UK / The Netherlands – Europe

The Fair Cobalt Alliance (FCA) is an action platform, initiated to coordinate, support and scale local initiatives aimed at the betterment of the ASM cobalt sector in the DRC in line with our three objectives:

1. Driving the supply and market acceptance of Fair Cobalt
2. Working towards a child-labour free ASM cobalt mining-sector
3. Increasing household incomes

The principle aim of the FCA is to improve the safety and security of men and women working at cobalt artisanal mining sites, drastically reduce and remediate the occurrence of child labour, bolster the protection of children’s rights and access to education, and create opportunities for alternative non-mining livelihoods through a practical and progressive programme in mining communities. The FCA is a multi-stakeholder-initiative governed by a Steering Committee comprising FCA member organisation managed by The Impact Facility (TIF).