Cyrus Njonde Maina

Based in Kenya, mining expert Cyrus Maina drives the agenda of the Impact Facility in the field, empowering mines to improve productivity and community prosperity through more efficient equipment, better management practices and greater regard for worker health and safety.

Kenya-born Cyrus’ local knowledge is key for our work. His role is, broadly, to bring mining equipment to local mines. This includes installing the equipment, training mine workers and providing ongoing technical support. It’s a role that matches his long-held need to improve industry practices, especially the use of mercury.

Early experience at a cement production company and a mining institution lead Cyrus to  establish Geomines Engineering Ltd in Kenya, a full-service mining consultancy company where he introduces investors to suitable projects. In his work for the Impact Facility, he brings his knowledge, expertise and problem-solving skills to bear on all aspects of mining, from equipment to plant capacity. Mine and community safety is a particular area of interest, and Cyrus has undertaken extensive occupational safety and health (OSH) training. He also manages mine restoration after mining activities are complete.

He describes the Impact Facility as a meeting point between the miners and the end consumer. His work at the Impact Facility is, he says, “Giving people a reason to smile for the future ahead.”

Cyrus holds a BSc in mining and mineral processing engineering from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya.

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